Holiday Education

We celebrate so many different holidays but we don’t know the origins of so many of them. Some holidays we may have heard of but don’t quite know what they are for. I like my children to know why we celebrate certain days and understand other cultures around the world. That is why I have compiled this list of holidays with videos to explain the holiday or the origins of the holiday.  I use YouTube for many quick lessons for things like this and have had it stored in my google drive for quite a while but maybe some of you guys would like to use it as well.




History of New Year’s Day :


Why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day :




Why do people celebrate Groundhog Day? :


Why is February so short? :


Why do people celebrate Valentine’s Day? :


What and when is the Chinese New Year? :

More information on Chinese New Year celebrations :

This is what a Chinese New Year’s parade looks like :


Why does America celebrate President’s Day? :


What is Ash Wednesday? :

More information about Ash Wednesday :


What is Lent? :

People give up certain things on lent. Here are examples of things some kids decided to give up for lent.




What is Daylight Savings time? 

Why do people celebrate St Patrick’s Day? :

More information about St Patrick’s Day :




What are the origins of April Fools’ Day? :


What is Earth Day and how did it originate? :


How do people celebrate Passover and why do they celebrate it? :


What is Good Friday? :


What are the origins of Easter? Why do we celebrate with an Easter bunny and Easter eggs? :


What is Arbor Day and how did it originate? :




What is May Day? :

More information about May Day :


Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


What are the origins of Mother’s Day?


What is Memorial Day and how did it originate? :

More information about Memorial Day :

More information about Memorial Day :




What is Ramadan? :

What are the origins of Flag Day and what is it for?

What are the origins of Father’s Day? :

What is Juneteenth and why is it celebrated?



Why do we celebrate July 4th? :





What is Yom Kippur? :


Why do we celebrate Labor Day and what are its origins?

More information on Labor Day :



What are the origins of Columbus Day and why do we celebrate it? * Not the traditional Christopher Columbus that is often taught*


What are the origins of Halloween and why do we celebrate it?


What is El Dia de los Muertos .. Mexico .. Oct 31 – Nov 2  

More information about El Dia de los Muertos… a bit scary :




Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? :

More information about Veterans Day :

More information about Veterans Day :


What are the origins of Thanksgiving? :


Lessons for everyday of the month up until Christmas Eve

Dec 1 Our Lady of Guadalupe .. Mexico


Dec 2 More information on Our Lady of Guadalupe


Dec 3 St Lucia Day.. Sweden


Dec 4 Hanukkah .. What is a menorah


Dec 5 Hanukkah, Jewish, what is the holiday


Dec 6  How do people celebrate Hanukkah? 

Dec 7 Hanukkah celebration : 


Dec 8 Three Kings Day .. France, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico


Dec 9 this holiday leads up until the start of lent which is a time of fasting


Dec 10 Boxing Day .. England and British descendants, Australia, Canada, Ireland


Dec 11 origins of Boxing Day


Dec 12 Kwanzaa .. American holiday in some black communities


Dec 13 more information on Kwanza


Dec 14 More information on Kwanza


Dec 15 Omisoka .. Japan


Dec 16 Diwali..India 

Dec 17 Why do we use a Christmas tree?


Dec 18 Who are the three wise men?


Dec 19 The 12 Days of Christmas


Dec 20 caroling


Dec 21 candy canes


Dec 22 Christmas card tradition


Dec 23 Christmas lights


Dec 24 origins of Santa Claus