FREE Notebooking Pages

We’ve never done official notebooking before but I want to give it a try this year. I like to have a guide to follow for our social studies, science, reading, math. etc. because that’s just my personality, but I also want my kids to pursue whatever their interests are and focus some dedicated time to learning more information about them. That is the reason I have decided to use notebooking this year in our homeschool. I don’t plan on using it for our actual studies. This will be specifically for their interests. Each week I plan on having the kids decide what they would like to spend 15 minutes a day learning about. It can be anything they like. My son has decided on video game programming for the first week, my daughter chose insects, and my younger son wants to learn about deer. We rented books from our library for next week and I started my hunt for notebooking pages. I came up with nothing that was specifically what I was hoping to find. Like usual, I decided to go ahead and create my own. I have made the deer notebooking pages with primary writing lines for my younger son but the other pages have regular lines. I also went ahead and created some really basic primary lined notebooking pages with boxes for illustrations to use in the future. If you’ve been looking for something similar I hope this helps. Depending on how we fit this into the day I may end up creating more designs for different topics.


You can click on any of the images to print your free notebooking sheets. ** The insect set is different than the image below. The picture with the bug border is colorful instead of a black and white border. I changed it and then didn’t change the cover image.

Free Deer Notebooking Pages, homeschool, notebooking, free, kindeergarten

Free Deer Notebooking Pages



Free Video Game Notebooking Pages, free, homeschool, notebooking

Free Video Game Notebooking Pages



Free Kindergarten Notebooking Pages, free, homeschool, notebooking, kindergarten

Free Kindergarten Notebooking Pages



Free Insect Notebooking Pages, homeschool, notebooking, free

Free Insect Notebooking Pages


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